Best Minecraft Builds

19th Jan, 2023

Best Minecraft Builds

Imperial Summer Palace

The Imperial Summer Palace was inspired by many of Europe's most iconic buildings, including Schonbrunn Palace and Versailles. It is elegant from the outside as well as inside, with its beautiful gardens complementing its vast, luxurious interiors.

Fallingwater House

It just so happens that Minecraft suits Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, one of the most unique homes ever built. Here's how to build a Minecraft boat if you need help getting to your new water retreat.

This interpretation by Lilnekochan may be our favorite, but there are also these two by NovocainStain and the one Waterijsje created.

The Titanic

There are many Minecraft mega-builds of the Titanic, including this one from way back when Mojang's sandbox was in beta. However, we prefer this French version because it displays the most detail and colour.

Minas Tirith

There are many things that inspire us in high fantasy, as well as real-world architecture. This Minas Tirith rendering is an example of high fantasy. It is both beautiful and imposing.

It was posted to reddit from u/Cornbass. The community expressed their appreciation and also offered their suggestions: "Now, set yourself on fire, and jump off!"

We would be more impressed if someone began work on a Minecraft map that covered all of Middle-earth, all the famous locations from... Wait, what? Are you serious?

We are sorry, but this Middle-earth project has just begun. It is, however, not yet complete, and it's already one the best Minecraft servers you'll find.

A collection of stunning Minecraft builds is incomplete without something inspired Game of Thrones. Here's a small portion of the massive and inspiring WesterosCraft server.

Above is Sunspear, a city that has been rendered with a very attractive and reflective sea surface. You should also check out King's Landing, Minecraft's amazing work.


The Dwarven City in Consilium, built by Creolucis is another example of how amazing a Minecraft map is. It is not only huge, but also the definition of grandeur in the dictionary.


How does a Minecraft mega-build of sixty million blocks sound to you? Jamdelaney1 spent three months building the sprawling city of Adamantis, pushing back the boundaries.

This huge metropolis rises up a hillside and is decorated with massive doors, reflecting pools and large colonnades. It has nothing to do the 80s new wave artist.

Mage's College of Meridia

Adamantis is reminiscent of the Mages College of Meridia. This cool Minecraft build was created last year by Block Fortress. It took its cues form Skyrim's College of Winterhold. It may even out-magic the Minecraft Pottercraft server.

The Shining maze

You can lose yourself in Minecraft. This labyrinth was created in Minecraft by redditor Chris-P. It is a Minecraft maze based on The Shining. This is the hotel from Stanley Kubrick's horror film, but it's impressive enough as is.

New Port Notch

New Port Notch is one of the most popular Minecraft projects in recent times. It even has its own subreddit. Only two people created the towering city: LG193 & ThatDutchLad. It is so big that you will need its unique subway system to get around.

Crafting Azeroth

Crafting Azeroth is a project that recreates the entire World of Warcraft in Minecraft at 1:1 scale. Although it sounds absurd, it is a man's dream. However, it is moving remarkably well and represents a triumph of human endeavor.


This impressive build was completed on a 1.1.15 scale. It took the Skyblock Squad more than 400 hours to complete. This faithful recreation of Mondstadt's famous windmills and the Statue of the Seven is sure to please even the casual Genshin Impact fan. Amazingly, this larger than life rendition includes interior spaces like the Favonius Cathedral nave, Diluc's bar and the Angel's Share.

Starry Night

It doesn't take an art historian to recognize the inspiration behind this particular build. Many consider Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night to be the most loved painting in the world. It can be found on t-shirts and travel mugs as well as bedspreads. So it was only natural that it would soon be available in Minecraft.

ChrisDaCow created this astonishingly faithful replica of Van Gogh's brushstrokes in a month. He used his Minecraft texture packs to match each one. The desire to recreate the famous post Impressionist 2D painting on a 3-dimensional canvas opened up new perspectives on this iconic artwork. It's beautiful and, we must admit, a bit scary to see it in 3D. It's difficult not to imagine Van Gogh's eponymous starry evening as an eldritch horror hovering over Van Gogh's imagined village.

Elden World

Elden Ring has made the Souls series mainstream and brought in a new generation of fans since its release. SeriousCraft's Elden World, while a love letter, is just as much a project as it is a work of art. It is an adventure map, but it also serves as a recreation of The Lands Between.

This map covers six kilometres and features over 20 dungeons including Stormveil Castle. It even has its own Erdtree. This build is perfect for those who want to play Elden Ring for 15 hours outside of Elden Ring.

H.R. Giger

H.R. H.R. Everbloom Games is a group of master builders who have created a sprawling tribute for Giger's work.

These blocky reconstructions capture the spirit of Giger's work in a way that is unmatched. They include shadowed atriums and a fully realized space jockey seated in its cockpit. Space is a place where you can't be heard.

The Cyberpunk Project

Although it is not a single reproduction, The Cyberpunk Project draws heavily from Cyberpunk 2077's Night City. It proudly displays its inspiration. The skyline of this sprawling metropolis, bathed in neon, is dominated by massive mega skyscrapers as well as colossal Holograms.

Elysium Fire's Cyberpunk Project is his brainchild. It is so large that it could cause crashes on older rigs. We don't know what else will qualify for the top-tier Minecraft megabuild status.


Elysium Fire also built another mega-build that is quite impressive. Elysium Fire's Novigrad, unlike The Cyberpunk Project's, isn't a copy of the Novigrad from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The team draws inspiration from the medieval streets and elegant castle towers.

We must admit that we enjoyed Novigrad's namesake, Geralt of Rivia, but this version includes a hand-built harbour. It is quite impressive, and puts to shame its predecessor. For a truly medieval feast for your eyes, make sure you have the best Minecraft shaders.

Witchcraft and Wizardry

Although you might not have received your letter by post, that doesn't mean you can't attend one of the most prestigious wizarding institutions in the world. The Floo Network's Witchcraft and Wizardry adventure is on par with the best Minecraft mods. This gives Minecraft Muggles the opportunity to become students at Hogwarts.

The building is large enough to allow you to take classes and learn spells. You can access the school grounds, as well as Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade. You can even play Quidditch.

These are the best Minecraft builds that the brilliant Mojang world architects could conjure up. Check out our Minecraft hosting guide if you are inspired to create your own server. You can also choose Adventure Mode to create your own Minecraft village. Just be careful of the many mobs that roam the land. You may need the Minecraft recovery tool compass to retrieve any items that you have lost if you get into trouble.