How to join a Minecraft Server

8th Jan, 2023

How to join a Minecraft Server

Minecraft is one of most fun and enjoyable games on the planet. Its endless expanding open world and hands-off approach to learning the world will make Minecraft a great game for everyone. Minecraft is the best! Minecraft with friends The Minecraft Java Edition player has two main ways to play together. Realms and Servers. Today's guide will focus on how to join servers using Java Edition on PC.

Step by step

Although joining a server is easy, it can be intimidating when compared to normal matchmaking. These days, most games have a simple "Quick Play" button or a dedicated filter to each gamemode. Java Edition is a bit more technical in this regard.

Find the server you want to join and write down their IP address. This step will be performed using the official Apex Hosting server.

Once you have the IP address of the server you want to join, open Minecraft and select Multiplayer from the main menu. This will take you to the Multiplayer screen. From here, you can add or join servers.

There are two options. You have two options. Either you can use a direct connection to connect directly to the server without any steps, or you can use the 'Add Server' option to add the server into your server list. If you intend to play on the server often, I recommend adding it to your server list. You don't need to type the IP every time you add servers.

Direct Connection allows you to simply type in the server IP and then click on 'Join Server'. You can also use Add Server to find the server. You will be able to see any image the server has created, the message of today, the quality of the connection, as well as the player count.

Enjoy playing to your heart's delight after you join the server!
Common Issues

It's not that easy, though. Here are some possible problems and how to fix them.

Outdated Server
This means that the server is unable to support your version. You can simply restart Minecraft launcher with the correct version. This should be written on the server's website. Hypixel supports versions 1.8-1.16 so you can play on 1.7.


If you get an error message that looks like gibberish, it is most likely that you have entered the server IP incorrectly. Double-check the IP address you have written down and make sure it matches the advertised IP.

Server is still being started!
This can be one of two possible meanings for the server. Either the server has started, so you need to be patient or the server is just off and needs to turn back on. This isn't a problem for you. This is a problem with the server.

This is pretty much it. Although joining Minecraft servers is not difficult, it can feel a little strange when compared to modern games' 'Quick Play" formula. With a few minor issues out of your control, this guide is fairly easy to follow. Have a wonderful day!