Start a Minecraft Factions Server

20th Dec, 2022

Start a Minecraft Factions Server

Other players can make or break your survival on a Minecraft server. You can change the balance of the game by teaming up with friends or fighting against enemies. This is evident in the most popular gametype, Factions. This gametype allows you to join friends, build a strong base, raid your enemies, become the most powerful faction, and so on. It can be difficult to create your own Factions server due to the many configurations and plugins available. We offer a pre-configured Factions server that can be installed in just a few clicks from your panel. We created this Apex Hosting tutorial in order to help you install the Factions pre-configured server.

- A custom-spawn that gives you access to a portal, an enchantment table and many other features.
- Pre-configured plugins like Essentials, Factions and WorldEdit.
- Spawn, Warzone and Wilderness zones are used to limit player actions.
- Premade ranks that range from Default to Owner, VIP, and Owner.
- Automatic panel backups to restore the world.
- Anti-grief plugins such as WorldGuard can prevent damage to spawn.

How to Get Started

Spawn Area

When you first log in to the server, the spawn hub will be visible. You will find many tall buildings, decorations, etc. throughout this large structure. This location is safe from PvP, which allows you to peacefully coexist with other players. There are some areas you should check out during your stay:

Ender Chests

A variety of Ender Chests can be found around the spawn platform. Although most blocks can't be interacted with in the spawn platform, these are one exception. Access to the Ender Chests allows you to retrieve food, tools, or other items from within spawn.

Enchantment table

The spawn hub contains the only enchantment table, which is one of the few interactable blocks. It already has all the bookshelves that you might need, so you can bring your gear to use various enchantments. Although it is not essential later, it can be a powerful boost in the beginning of the game.

Nether Portal

The Nether Portal is one of the last notable additions to the spawn. Because of the surrounding crying obsidian block, it is slightly more decorative that most portals. It provides instant access to the Nether but be aware of players who may be waiting.


Once you are ready to leave, prepare for combat. The warzone is a PvP zone that prohibits building within a small radius of the spawn. You will then be able to modify the world and combat in the wilderness zone. You will be able to build a base, gain power and become the most powerful faction.

Notable plugins

SaberFactions - This plugin is the main one for this premade gametype. It adds a variety features, including anti-spam and protection zones.

EssentialsX - Provides a wide range of "essential" commands for the game as well as the ability to customize various player mechanics such as names and spawn points.

ViaVersion - Allows players join the server while playing newer versions of the game. This addon is also available for older players.

LuckPerms - This is used to set permissions and ranks that determine what a player can do or cannot do.

WorldGuard: This is used to create regions on your server to prevent PvP and building.

I can't use any commands
Servers default limit player commands to a few plugins. You can either OP your player or gain access to more commands by using the LuckPerms plugin. You will be able to access more commands if you choose one of these options.

The world is empty after joining the server
This issue is most often caused by the inability to select the option to use the included globe. First, restart the server to check if the world has loaded. If not, you can change the server game file to another version, then switch it back, and follow the instructions. Once you have done this, the correct world should be created and the spawn hub ready for use.